Student Scholarship Research Award  

2017-18 applications are due September 8, 2017

Any current ARKAAN member who is a graduate student completing graduate-level research which significantly adds to the body of knowledge on academic advising.  Undergraduate students may be eligible when sponsored by a current ARKAAN member who is familiar with the individual research proposal.  Certification that the student is currently enrolled and is employed full-time in an advising position is required.


Please submit:

A draft of your research proposal.  It may be in whatever format required by your institution for thesis/dissertation proposals, but it must include:

Statement of significance of study
Statement of problem
Definition of key terms
Statement of limitations of the study
Brief review of relevant literature

Design of the study
Schedule for completing the study
Budget statement of expenses not to exceed $200.00

Additionally, please include a cover page with your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Institution and degree program

Award recipients are asked to present their research at an ArkAAN sponsored conference within one academic year of completion.  

Send Nomination Form with supporting documentation in a single electronic file (scanned and saved in pdf format) to the ArkAAN Executive Board at