ArkAAN Outstanding Advising Award Criteria

Nominations for 2018-19 year are due December 7th, 2018

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The selection committee will evaluate nominations on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as an outstanding academic advisor, faculty advisor, or advising administrator.  Such evidence may include: 

* Strong interpersonal skills
* Availability to advisees, faculty, or staff
* Frequency of contact with advisees
* Appropriate referral activity
* Use and dissemination of appropriate information sources
* Evidence of student success rate, by advisor or department
* Advisee or unit evaluations (summary data)
* Caring, helpful attitude toward advisees, faculty and staff
* Participation in and support of proactive advising to build strong relationships with advisees
* Monitoring of student progress toward academic and career goals
* Mastery of institutional regulations, policies, and procedures
* Ability to engage in, promote and support developmental advising – the concept that advising is a teaching opportunity beyond course selection that may include career exploration, decision making skills, values clarification, critical thinking, utilizing campus resources, taking personal responsibility, and understanding the processes and the value of a college education     
* Participation in and support of advisor development programs
* Perception by colleagues of nominee's advising or advising administration skills

**Members of the ArkAAN Executive Board are not eligible to nominate, or to be nominated, by a peer for any of the ArkAAN Advising Awards."

Please submit:
Nominations must contain adequate factual or descriptive material to describe the extent to which an individual meets the awards criteria. Include the following items and use objective data to support the nomination. 

A completed Nomination Form signed by the nominee.
A summary of the nominee's qualifications.  In this key piece, the nominator should summarize the extent to which the nominee meets the award criteria, citing letters of support, data, or other materials illustrative of exemplary performance as an academic advisor or an advising administrator.
Appendices* which support the summary (item 2), such as:

copies of nominee's evaluation materials that reflect on advising.
copies of any advising related materials developed by the nominee.
letters of support from advisees, colleagues, and administrators.
other pertinent information from nominator.
* Awards packages should be limited to not more than 20 pages (one-sided). Letters of
support or additional materials sent separate from the nomination packet may not be considered. 

Summary of nominee’s resume or vita, including list of relevant publications (limit of 3 pages)
A personal statement on advising or advising administration by the nominee (limit of 2 pages)

Completed nomination packets, including nomination form, must be submitted electronically (scanned and saved in a single pdf file) to the ArkAAN Executive Board at  

Previous Recipients

Outstanding Professional Advisor

2017: Scott Tomlin, Arkansas Tech University

2016: Donna Smith, University of Arkansas

2015: Angela Bell, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

2014: Pierre Poquette, University of Arkansas

2013: Carla Griffin, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Outstanding Faculty Advisor

​2019: J. Laurence Hare, University of Arkansas

2017: LaQuita Saunders, Arkansas State University

Outstanding Advising Administrator

2016: Dr. Shane Barker, University of Arkansas